What makes our belts special...

The Leather

100% full-grain English Bridle leather from J&E Sedgwick & Co, UK. The leather exhibits a beautiful waxy top-grain that gently buffs down over time leaving a nice sheen and will develop a patina. The reverse side has been slicked down. 

This belt exhibits a firm temper which will soften over time and is designed to be worn daily without losing its shape.

This isn't your cheap, glued together, slick and slim leather belt that will crack after 12 months. This is 3.5mm+ thick, full-grain leather that, with a touch of care, will last you for 5+ years of daily use if not longer. In fact, many say this leather only gets better with age as constant wear allows the belt to soften, develop it's own characteristic patina and truely become your own piece.


Solid low-lead brass buckle and hardware. Quality designed and manufactured to handle the harshest environments - you thought we would offer top quality leather just to have the rest of the belt fail on you when you needed it the most? Of course you didn't.