Belt Size Guide

Like a well-fitting suit, a belt must be tailored to your measurements. Use the below method(s) to find your correct Belt Size: 

Method 1: Measure an Existing Belt (best method)
  1. Place your existing belt down on a flat surface and straighten.
  2. Measure the length from the outer edge of the buckle to the current hole being used.  This is the length around your waist on the outside of your clothes when your belt is worn. Refer to Getting Your Measurement diagram below (Step 1).
  3. Use the Conversion Table to identify the correct Belt Size to order (Step 2). 
Method 2: Measure your waist
  1. Measure your waist where your belt would normally sit on top of your clothes. Remember to check for the correct tightness.
  2. Use the Conversion Table below and the measurement from Step 1 to identify the correct Belt Size to order.

    Step 1: Getting Your Measurement

    Belt Size Guide Measuring

    Step 2: Measurement Conversion Table 

    Measurement from Step 1. Order Belt Size
    79cm / 31 in 26
    81cm / 32 in 27
    84cm / 33 in 28
    86cm / 34 in 29
    89cm / 35 in 30
    91cm / 36 in 31
    94cm / 37 in 32
    96cm / 38 in 33
    99cm / 39 in 34
    102cm / 40 in 35
    104cm / 41 in 36
    107cm / 42 in 37
    109cm / 43 in 38
    112cm / 44 in 39


    Example 1

    Terry laid his old belt flat on the kitchen table. Terry then measured from the outer edge of the buckle to the favourite hole he uses and the measurement was 94cm / 37 in. According to the Conversion Table, Terry should order Belt Size 32. 

    Example 2

    Jenny measured around her waist over her clothes with a piece of string. That length was 86cm / 34 in. According to the Conversion Table Jenny should order Belt Size 29. 

    Please Note
    * We try to accommodate for all sizes - if your size isn’t listed please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.  
    ** The measurement required is not the entire length of the belt from tip to tip
    *** All belts (excluding Minima, see below) come with either 5 or 7 sizing holes, each 1" apart. The size selected corresponds to the middle hole (third and forth hole respectively). 

    **** Minima style belts come with 9 sizing holes, each  1" apart. The size selected corresponds to the middle(fifth) hole.

    If you have any questions please contact us at