The Leather

It all starts with the best leather...

J&E Sedgwick and Co

Founded in 1900 and a century on is still one of the leading leather suppliers from the home of equestrian leather - Walsall, England. Walsall has a rich history in leather craft over the past 2 centuries and at one point was home to nearly a third of all British saddlers and harness makers.


Sedgwick’s traditional English Bridle leather, the chassis in our Diem and Opus belts, uses only the best quality hides from the UK. The tanning process alone takes up to 28 days and then expertly hand finished by world-class curriers. The result is a beautiful, firm-tempered leather showcasing a hide with no imperfections, high shine and magnificent wax bloom. We believe Sedgwicks produces the best leather in the world and if treated correctly (see our leather care page) the leather will last for many, many years without cracking like inferior quality leather.


Sedgwicks hides are sourced as a by product from surplus pieces from local abattoirs. All animal hides used are past a certain age to ensure the animal has lived a longer life before it comes into our hands. Each hide is marked with a unique number allowing each individual hide to be tracked through the process and its history known.

Why Sedgwicks English Bridle Leather?

Aside from being arguable the best quality leather in the world, we chose Sedgwicks English Bridle for other reasons:

  • Its inability to stretch as exhibited Chrome Tanned leather. The result is a leather that will mold to your body and not stretch out of shape.

  • The test of time. English bridle leather has been used in equestrian applications for centuries and if it’s strong enough for a horse…

For more info about the J&E Sedgwick and Co tannery, check out their story here.


Wickett & Craig

Founded in 1867 one of only two vegetable tanneries remaining in the U.S.A. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Wickett & Craig now operate on a 16-acre facility in Curwensville, Pennsylvania.


W&C source only the finest North American cattle to undergo the traditional 6 week vegetable tanning process that produces deeply coloured superior leather that will only get better with age. W&C English Bridle leather may not exhibit the waxy bloom of other English Bridle tanneries but is still drum-dyed, fat liquored and hot stuffed to ensure its durability in the arid regions of America. The result is a beautifully smooth, mid-tempered leather that takes little breaking in. 

Traditional Veg-Tan Process

Over the past 150 years, W&C has perfected the vegetable tanning process - a labour intensive process that's definitely worth the extra sweat and time. The finished leather is the highest quality and made via an eco friendly process using natural ingredients. W&C has even been audited against the Leather Working Group Environmental Auditing Protocol. They take their business and its impact on the environment seriously. 

So next time you see a cheap leather jacket at the local department store, stop and think what production shortcuts and impacts to the environment where made to sell leather that cheaply.

For more info about the Wickett & Craig tannery, check out their story here.