Leather Care Tips

Leather is a natural, hard-wearing, organic material. Here are our tips for looking after and getting the best use from your leather product:

Avoid extreme heat or freezing temperatures. These conditions will dry out the leather, making it brittle which could weaken the fibres or form cracks in the leather. Although the leather used by Atlas Leathercraft is the best in the world, it is still an organic materiel. Once a leather has cracked there is no repairing it.

Avoid storing in direct sunlight. This will fade the leather.

Store in a cool, dry area with airflow to avoid mildew. If mildew does occur, try using a reputable leather or saddle soap to clean the leather.

Use a reputable leather conditioner every 6-12 months. As your leather ages, it naturally loses the oils embedded in the leather. Leather Conditioner (not to be confused with polish) helps replenish these oils keeping the leather supple and restoring the original colour. Be wary that some conditioners may darken the leather and we do suggest going for a clear non-coloured conditioner.

Clean with a lightly damp cloth (no soap) and allow to air dry naturally.

If your leather gets wet, which does happen, allow it dry naturally in a warm, dry area. Avoid speeding up the drying process with hair-dryers or direct sunlight as these can dry out the leather, discolour it and cause the leather to crack. Low and slow is the go.