Our Story

Based in New South Wales, Australia, Atlas Leathercrafts purpose is to cultivate affordable, quality handmade-to-order products back into the modern-day lifestyle. 

We demonstrate this by prioritizing quality in both product design and the materials used. If an extra detail or step increases the quality of the product, we're adopting it because it's as a win-win between our vision and you the customer. This will reduce products purposely sold with a limited lifespan by replacing them with our products that will last many, many (many) years longer.

Aside from quality design and materials, all products are 100% handmade and made-to-order. This allows our maker:

  • time to focus on each stage of production as your goods come to life.
  • to verify that only products of the highest quality pass from our hands into yours.

If you haven't gathered it already, our focus isn’t on creating repeat customers but creating happy customers with products that last a lifetime.

Founder of Atlas Leathercraft