Blend soft curves and corners with the robustness of a heavyweight strap and hardware. The daily wearer for any situation ~ street, workshop or field.

Both buckle variations were selected to avoid hard or rectangular lines to bring this belt together. A leather keeper is provided on the heel buckle variation to keep the look organic.

Designed for more casual attire, think medium/heavy weight denim through to chino's but we'll leave that up for you to decide.

To some its only a belt. To us it's the result of many late nights sourcing and testing combinations of leathers from around world, buckles of all shapes and sizes then settling on a handmade process of no less than 26 individual steps per belt because we don't sacrifice quality. Ever.

And quite humbly, we're pretty happy with the result.

Luxury handmade English Bridle Belt


J&E Sedgwick and Co's Traditional English Bridle champions the Diem range. Beautiful yet tough describes it best. Used in Equestrian gear for centuries for its strength, firmness and durability yet gentle enough to not hurt the horse during strenuous use.

The 3.5-4mm thick straps exhibit a firm temper that becomes supple over time, molding to the owner without losing shape, strength or integrity - benefits that only high-end vegetable tanned leather can.

Traditionally trained curriers hand finish the hides resulting in a flawless, heavily bloomed top-grain not found anywhere else in the world - being called Best of British is an understatement to their abilities.


100% Solid low-lead brass buckles and rivets.

So brass-plated? No. Just brass-coloured? Oh no, no, no. 100% genuine the real deal brass.

Renowned for its ability to resist wear, tear, cracking and disintegration - the go-to material for ships cannon barrels. Let that sink in.

Naturally corrosion resistant, brass was extensively used for traditional ship fittings meaning our hardware is also ideal for those non-ideal environments.

"But Mr. Atlas Leathercraft, it still has to look good right?" Your damn right it does.

The initial release features a Natural brass colour - aesthetically pleasing in a yellow-gold hue with soft glossy shine. Keep an eye out for special editions coming soon.